Grayshon is a small publishing company based in London. We publish fiction and titles on art, food, architecture, cycling and design.

For us, reading a book is as much a tactile, sensual experience as it is an intellectual one – all of our books are printed in London, and we work with the best designers, illustrators and typographers to ensure that each book, as a physical object, reflects and enhances the excellence of its content. With a good book in hand it’s possible, we believe, to resist the tendency of global media to turn knowledge into information, and insight into hollow sound-bites.

Our first book, Cycling Shouldn't Hurt, a photographic catalogue of injuries suffered by cyclists on the streets of London combined with a polemical foreword extolling the joys and lamenting the hazards of city cycling, is due in the summer of 2014. 

As seen on the Time Out London blog